Founder & MD

Here I would like to thank you, my team and friends, who believe me and believe in my passion and respect my dedication to taking this Initiative. Many people and professionals said, In India, mental health is a stigma but in my View "it is just lack of knowledge and awareness".During my master degree, one of my friends always said Shiv what you are doing in Psychology) and said there is no awareness in India (Or koi nhi poochhta psychologist ko) but my answer was same at every time "we can make aware them, we can develop a positive perception about the Psychology in India". I believe in "you can share only that you have if you have hate you will share only hate, if you have love you can share only love". As a team we believe in us all together can make this world more healthy, beautiful and resilient. Our focus is on to reduce stigma over mental health and provide the best mental healthcare aide to all. Awareness, Research, Manpower and Mental healthcare aide are our main objectives. We are dedicated to serving all ethnic groups and age without any discrimination by updated scientific knowledge.


About Us
Mental Health India(MHI) is a network of trained health professionals, includes Psychologist, Clinical psychologist, Rehabilitation Psychologist, Counsellors, Mindfulness experts, and Enthusiastic peoples.

Our Aim
Our aim is to reduce stigma, prejudice and make aware individuals about mental health and help them with the best knowledge.

Mental health care Aid
Man power