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Mental health India is an online network of Mental Health professionals. According to the World Health Organisation one in every four people phasing some kind of mental health problems in India and worldwide. India has been announced the Most Depressed country in the world. According to the World Health Organisation and many India based researched studies shown that there are approximately 150 million people in India need psychological treatment and support. Research findings show that there is a lack of Professionals, approximately 1000 Psychologist, and 3000 Psychiatrists are available in India for 1.35 Billion population. One major problem is 'associated stigma with mental illness' in India. In India, associated stigma is due to a lack of psychoeducation and knowledge. Our aim is to make aware the people about their psychological health. We welcome you to come together and take a step forward, join us to develop a healthy, more resilient and strong India.

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